Call for Submissions

Political/Satirical Cartoons


Deadline: By April 20, 2003

Prizes: From $1000 to $100.


The Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley is producing its second issue of “The Big Story”, a media review which focuses on how the mainstream American media covers a single important story (for more on last year’s issue, go to


This year our theme is the tension between civil liberties and national security within the United States since Sept. 11, with a particular emphasis on the role of technology.


Our journal focuses on how the media covers, or fails to cover, this critical story. Drawings therefore should include some reference to the media.


Possible subjects include: John Poindexter and the Total Information Awareness program, John Ashcroft, the USA PATRIOT act, Tom Ridge, Lady Liberty, Scales of Justice, the Bill of Rights, etc.


All entries will be considered for publication in The Big Story. Artists whose work is published will receive an honorarium of $100. First prize: $1000 (and a possible cover).


All work remains your property, but your submission to The Big Story is considered a license by artist to The Big Story of first serial publication rights in print and on the web.


If you wish to enter, please notify John Battelle, faculty editor, at or call 415 794 7820.


Please submit entries electronically to or mail by deadline to:


The Big Story/John Battelle

Graduate School of Journalism

121 North Gate Hall #5860

University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-5860 USA